Let's Fuel

and Fine Tune our Growth Engine

Together we can come up with the right solutions for our city!

Dear Layton Friends,

As a resident of Layton for over 55 years, I value my community. I have long worked for productive dialogue and positive change as a Layton City Councilmember and now feel that it is the right time for me to seek the office of Layton City Mayor.

I want to ensure that ALL Laytonians have a voice at the table. My desire is to dedicate the time and energy to ensure that Layton is a place where residents not only live, but also learn, work and play.


“MONDAYS WITH THE MAYOR” is something I would like
to implement to encourage anyone to come and discuss their questions and ideas. Collaborative communication is the key and I look forward to listening to you!

I am passionate about the issues affecting our community:

  • Safety

  • Responsible Growth

  • Economic Development


Together, combined with my leadership and business skills of over 30 years in the private sector, I am confident that we can achieve worthwhile solutions to the challenges affecting our community.

Let’s fuel our future by working together to attain positive resolutions. I have a current knowledge of the inner workings of Layton City and know how to accelerate your voice and make things happen.


I am ready to put the pedal to the metal to get things done for you!


  • Have clearly marked lines on the roads, including additional bike lanes & lighted crosswalks

  • Finalize the General Plan with updated maps and guidelines

  • Build an additional fire station in East Layton and staff to accommodate our future growth

  • Recruit police officers to keep our community safe

  • Promote responsible development by utilizing existing buildings

Vote for PETRO for MAYOR by mailing in your ballot!

© 2019 Joy Petro